Awesome place with awesome people. Coach Keith is great at motivating, teaching, and helping you to be your best. The people I have met there are encouraging and friendly, and I love the place.

Deron Erwin

Joining Keppner has been one of the best decisions I've made. The environment is great, the workouts are fun but killer, and best of all...I ACTUALLY look forward to going. I've tried several other gyms/workouts, and always felt like I had to talk myself into going every time. With Keppner I never feel that way. Plus, after a couple months I'm already seeing improvements, feeling better, and even dropped 10 pounds. The owner and staff are awesome too so If you're looking for a new workout that keeps you motivated, look no further! I can't say enough good things.

Laura Yvette Eavenson

I LOVE Keppner Boxing! The workouts are always unique and challenging. The coaches are motivating, super friendly, and very knowledgeable. The other members are really nice and have a wide range of abilities/levels of fitness. The gym is in a great central location and offers really reasonably priced class and open gym packages.

Erika Rees

I went for a free 1 day trial and it was a very good hard workout. Keith and his staff are great I plan on signing up as a customer very soon.

Mark Martin

Keith and Lissa are the dedicated owners that kick your butt regardless if you are at your best or worst. This is definitely a family-friendly place. This is the best gym I have been a part of, they hold themselves to the highest standard of customer service and make it their business to make you feel welcome and part of the family all the while not letting you slack off on your work out.

Mariya Nadein

I’ve been going to Keppner Boxing for about a year now and honestly it’s the best boxing gym I’ve ever been to. The staff are great, always remember your name and push you to succeed. The workouts are always tough but doable and I feel great afterward. I’ve lost about 30 points doing these workouts. Thanks Kep!

Chris Strickland

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