Coach Keith Keppner | February 11th, 2019

Do you want to increase your confidence? Improve your conditioning? Challenge yourself while learning a new skill?

Boxing training is an age old way for young men and women to become their best selves, to build their character and their grit. Everyone knows about the benefits you get from Boxing training like losing fat, gaining muscle and achieving the best physical fitness of your life, but there is more… If you choose to participate in Contact Classes where you build yourself up in a safe way to do drills and eventually sparring, then you will get to experience a new level in personal discovery.

Just like diamonds are formed through great pressure, you can truly build up yourself through the challenge and pressure of Contact Boxing training. When you have to deal with punches coming at you, you must have the calmness of mind to respond accurately and appropriately. You must refine your timing, your reflexes and your technical foundation to be a proficient Boxer. And even though Sparring and fighting is the hardest and most challenging part of Boxing mentally and physically, it is also one of the most exciting and rewarding.

In our Contact Boxing program we don’t throw you in the ring like someone dumping you in the ocean with sharks and expecting you to swim. We bring you along in a way that ensures long term success and helps you draw from inside yourself on your best qualities to help you realize you have capabilities you would of never thought you had.

We have many people and fighters in class that are going to be better than you, but that’s why you’ll grow and become better yourself. Everyone on our fight team has credo and must follow strict guidelines of conduct in class, part of which is to help others achieve their highest levels and to never take advantage of a lesser Boxer in sparring.

We are very proud of what are Contact program has become, especially considering the rough and tumble days we had about 6 years ago. Every year our community grows not only in numbers, but in quality of service and caring for one another.

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