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YES! Most of our clients come to us with no experience at all and these are the clients we love to work with! When you have zero experience you have zero bad habits and this allows you to progress faster than someone who has previous experience. When you start Boxing training with us you know that you are learning exceptional Boxing technique in a safe and supportive environment.

YES! Even though xoxing is the ultimate workout it doesn’t mean you have to be in great shape to do it. Since it is such a challenging and effective workout it will get you in amazing shape faster than you ever thought possible! We love seeing clients start off with little to no conditioning and within a short time they feel more energy in their day to day life, see themselves toning up, feel their body getting stronger and they start crushing their workouts!

YES! For a limited time we are offering a special web offer that includes a free boxing intro session. You can experience one class with a certified instructor without a contract. You can choose from fitness boxing or contact boxing.

Loganville GA

Fitness Boxing

Our Fitness Boxing classes in Loganville GA rely on a system of high-intensity interval training that keeps your body guessing and your muscles moving. No more quick-fix results. No more gimmicks, plateaus, and frustrations. Try our Loganville GA fitness classes today!

Loganville GA

Contact Boxing

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or a pro in the ring. We have something for everyone in Loganville with cutting-edge boxing classes that combine competition and total-body training. Start contact boxing in Loganville, GA today!

Loganville GA

Personal Training

Looking for the one-on-one approach? Check out our personal training program in Loganville GA. Enjoy hands-on coaching and ongoing feedback in your workouts. We focus on what matters to you. This class is the fastest way to sustainable success.


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Keppner Boxing & Fitness | Boxing Gym in Loganville GA

Keppner Boxing & Fitness has been helping men and women across the Loganville community get fit and feel great since June of 2021. Check back and follow us on social media for updates or reach out to find a class fit for you!

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Keppner Boxing & Fitness | Boxing Gym in Loganville GA