If you search google or Bing for “Fitness Classes Near me” or “Fitness Classes Athens GA” you will get a whole slew of results. It can be hard to make a decision on the best the best fit for you. Is it Yoga, Crossfit, Boot Camp, Body Pump, Barre Class, MMA or Kickboxing? The options are endless and can leave you uninspired and unmotivated trying to decide what might be best.

It’s very important to have variety in your workout routine. If all you do is go to the gym and run on the treadmill or just lift weights, you are slowing down your results and setting yourself up to hit a plateau very quickly. Almost every guy wants to do nothing but lift heavier and heavier weights; while many women get caught in the habit of logging more and more time on various cardio machines. Both pathways are not going to get you long term, sustainable and lasting results. We have all seen the guy that can lift crazy amounts of weight and has had slipped disks from heavy Deadlifts, torn rotator cuffs from heavy Benching and bad knees from heavy Squats. Of course proper form can go a long way in preventing some of these issues. However, without a qualified coach or trainer with you during the majority of your workouts, or exercising extreme vigilance on your part (along with a little good luck) you are running a chance of having some serious setbacks.

Many people also lack the drive to get through a workout that is truly challenging enough to give them the body and health they desire on their own. A great way to overcome this is with a Personal Trainer, but often times this can be a very expensive endeavor that may not even be worth the cost invested. Group Fitness Classes can be a great way to get encouraged and stay motivated for a fraction of what it would cost to hire a Personal Trainer. Unfortunately, in many classes you get lost in the crowd, no one knows your name (or cares) and the instructor may not encourage you to modify exercises or make adjustments for your body type, current fitness level or possible pre-existing conditions or injuries.

Try a Kickboxing class in Athens, GA! It’s a great way to workout and have fun. In a well designed kickboxing class you are taught proper technique and receive expert coaching. In poorly constructed gyms and classes you receive instruction from someone who just simply has experience in fitness (sometimes very little) and has never stepped in the ring or even just been punched in the face. Even with a quality kickboxing class there are some drawbacks. It can be hard on the hips and sacrum, damaging to your feet or shins and can do a number on your joints.

This is where taking a high quality Boxing Class in Athens, GA may be a great fit for you! You won’t get bulky and you won’t lose muscle, but you will become leaner, faster, stronger as well as increase your reflexes and confidence. With high quality Boxing classes you’ll learn proper technique, receive expert coaching, you will never be lost in the crowd and always leave class feeling satisfied and filled with those awesome endorphins you only get from a fun and challenging workout that requires every ounce of your mind and body.

What makes this class even more fun and exciting, is there are always new combos to learn and new ways you can push yourself to reach higher and higher levels of fitness and technical ability. In a high quality Boxing Facility, you train in the same gym as real competitive fighters. This can only help you raise your standards no matter what your health and fitness goals are.

Regardless of what form of fitness routine you choose, you need to start NOW! If you want to experience a real Boxing workout that will push you in all the right ways, come try a class with Keppner Boxing. And if you already have something else you’re into, commit to raising the bar for yourself now and become even better.

We all have a natural tendency to wait around for the time to be just right; for everything to just fall into place. The reality is you need to start something first in order for things to fall into place. God, Mother Nature, The Universe, Life, or whatever you believe, seems to favor those that take specific and persist action towards what they want. You will never create the health, fitness, body and lifestyle you want if you keep waiting around. Start this hour, this day or this week to begin Unleashing Your Potential and experience all the awesome things you are truly capable of.