We all know Boxing is one of the best workouts you could ever do to increase conditioning, burn fat, tone up and build confidence, but simply doing a Boxing workout isn’t enough. If you join a Boxing gym, a Fitness Boxing Class, or you have a heavy bag you use at home, there are always ways you could get more bang for your buck and optimize your workout. Here are some strategies you can use to supercharge your workout and bust through any plateau that’s holding you back. Are you ready to feel the energy, strength, power and endurance of an elite Boxer? Then let’s go through the ropes, enter the squared circle, and fight to become our best!

Increase your Intensity!

“If you do what you’ve always done then you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” So if you want different results, then you have to change what you do, and often times with working out, changing your intensity is key!

There are two different ways you can increase the intensity of your Boxing workout: First, the Load and Second, your Effort. Let’s talk about Load first. So you have your regular Boxing Gloves that range from 8 – 16 OZ. If you are using 12 OZ then jumping up to 16 OZ can certainly make a difference in your workout intensity. You can actually purchase Boxing Gloves that are as high as 18 OZ. This will add a whole new level to your boxing training here in Athens or anywhere that you train.

If you want to go to the extreme you can buy weighted boxing gloves where you can increase the weight up to 4 lbs. We have clients in our Fitness Boxing classes here in Athens, GA that use these and they love the increased intensity and results! Click the link to check out gloves we recommend!


Another thing you can do to increase the Load is use ankle weights and weight vests. Doing this will help you tone up, increase lean muscle, shed fat and make you a conditioning champion. Just be ready to feel way more tired in your workouts than usual and always listen to your body.

Click the link to see a quality weight vest


The last way you can increase the load is by hitting a heavier heavy bag. Here at our gym in Athens, we have boxing heavy bags from 75 lbs all the way to 190 lbs. If you want to challenge yourself with more load, then digging your punches through the 190 lbs bag will certainly make your workout way more intense!

The second part of increasing intensity is to increase your Effort in a workout. Too often you see people in personal training, small group training and fitness classes chatting while they are supposed to be doing a high intensity workout. Now, it’s fine to chat during breaks etc, but when the round is on and you’re doing bag work or conditioning, talking should be the last thing on your mind. If you want to increase your conditioning, burn more fat in less time, change your body composition, increase your strength and explosiveness and create an awesome fit body, then you need to be putting out so much effort that it’s very hard to hold a conversation. One of the markers of steady state cardio is that you can hold a conversation and while that training is good and has its place, if you are looking to get everything you can out of your boxing workout then you must be working close to your maximum threshold! AKA breathing heavy!

The Final Bell

Now that you have the knowledge, the next step is using it! If your current workout isn’t working then change it! If your current lifestyle isn’t helping you become what you want to become, then change it! Here at our gym in Athens, we are dedicated to positively impacting as many lives as possible through the discipline of Boxing & Fitness in a safe and supportive environment. If you haven’t already, check us out, because we all tend to let ourselves take the easy route, and being a part of a positive gym, having a positive Coach, and experiencing the amazing benefits of a well designed Boxing workout, can be that final thing that helps you break past your limits and gets you the health and fitness you’ve always wanted!