Do you want to ramp up your workout? Tone up? Increase lean muscle? Challenge yourself? Then you need to try this NEW Tabata Boxing Workout from Keppner Boxing in Athens Georgia!

Tabata is an interval (20 sec work, 10 sec rest) popularized by a study done back in 1996 by Dr. Tabata of Japan, and has been used by serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts ever since. It is one of the greatest interval structures for increasing your conditioning dramatically. With any High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) you get what you put in. If you go slow and steady for 20 seconds then you won’t reap the benefits. Tabata was designed for maximal effort during the work interval, so go as hard and as fast as you can for 20 seconds and earn that 10 second rest!

In our Gym in Athens GA, we incorporate similar workouts like this in our hour long Fitness Boxing classes. Nothing beats the intensity you can achieve when you have a Coach pushing you in class, but you can recreate some of our workouts now on your own with this killer Boxing Workout! It doesn’t matter if you’re at Crunch Fitness, Athens Health & Fitness, Athens YMCA, Fitness at Five or anywhere else… now you can experience the fun and effectiveness of our workout style!

Warning: This workout is intense, so listen to your body and take any previous health concerns you might have into consideration.

Ok… so enough explanation, let’s jump right in!

What You Need:

Heavy Bag/small Dumbbells 2-5 lbs

Timer/Stopwatch/Smartphone/Youtube tabata tune like this

The Will to work!


1. Straight punches on a heavy bag or with DB’s (FAST AND EXPLOSIVE!!!!)

10 Sec Rest

2. Jump Lunges (FAST AND EXPLOSIVE!!!!)

10 Sec Rest

3. Hook Punches on a heavy bag or with DB’s (FAST AND EXPLOSIVE!!!!)

10 Sec Rest

4. Skater Hops

10 Sec Rest

5. Dip, 2,3,2 (repeat the whole time) (FAST AND EXPLOSIVE!!!!)

10 Sec Rest

6. Squat Hold

10 Sec Rest

7. V-Ups

10 Sec Rest

8. Crunches

If you’re a beginner, do this Tabata Boxing workout once, if you’re intermediate do it twice and if you really want a challenge, do it three times!!!

This is a fast workout that can help you unleash your potential with getting in better condition, toning up, losing weight or just becoming an overall Bad#%&!!!