Once you’ve gotten into a great workout routine doing Boxing classes, Martial Arts, or general gym workouts in Athens, GA it can be easy to make a big mistake. You see, it took some will power for you to start. Your body might have told you “No! I Don’t Wanna!” But you took charge and dragged it into the gym and put it to work, and now your body is more agreeable.

Once you’ve gotten your body in the swing of working out, it’s important to listen to it. If you have some constant aches and pains or fatigue, then that is your body telling you to either back off a little (or a lot) or change your approach. Failure to “Listen” to your body is what can create chronic overuse injuries and set you up for long lay offs, a break in your momentum, and result in you giving up.

Learn to identify what is just inertia and what is really your body telling you to back off. Often times before a workout you might not feel like doing it, but once you get in the swing of it you feel better and sometimes have your best days! Sometimes in our Boxing Classes in Athens, one of our clients is in the middle of the workout and just begins to feel worse and worse. That’s when the people that listen to their body come up to either me or another coach and say they need to take a break for a sec or maybe just scratch the workout. I believe you know the difference between being lazy and feeling bad or just being really off. I trust you, now YOU trust your body!

With our Boxing classes in Athens, GA we have new people trying class all the time and we tell them to always pace themselves and Listen to their body. Most people do, but every now and then we have someone who gets so into the workout (and maybe hasn’t worked out for awhile, or ever) and they hit a hard wall. These are the times when my coaches and I really stress to them to take a break. Many times someone is forgetting to do something as simple as breathing with their punches and they don’t realize it until oxygen debt really builds up and they feel light headed and sick. In those moments, and cliche as it sounds, you just need to focus on your breath. In through the noise and out the mouth. Focus not on chest breathing, but deep breaths from your diaphragm and you will begin to restore oxygen levels and relax the panic that can set in when your body feels like it’s been deprived of oxygen or is about to pass out.

The Final Bell

Don’t let your ego get in the way. If your body is giving you the signs that it needs to take a second, listen to it. If you feel dull or sharp pain in any joints, LISTEN! Your body is smarter than you think, and even though it can sometimes be lazy, it can give you great feedback and direction…but only if listen.