Sports like Boxing have been known for decades to help you create an awesome core. By the very nature of constantly rotating to throw a punch you use the muscles of the core in a dramatic fashion. Later on I’ll tell you how you can double the effectiveness that a Boxing workout can have on chiseling and strengthening your midsection.

Almost everyone looking to join a Gym in Athens GA or anywhere in the world wants a stronger and more defined core. If you go to a big box gym like a Planet Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Crunch Fitness or Athens Health & Fitness you can certainly get a great workout. These facilities offer you an amazing amount of machines that help you train every part of your body! While machines have their place, it is also essential to do a more dynamic type of workout to get a defined, strong and healthy core. This is where a Boxing workout can give you a huge advantage.

When we talk about the core, most people think of just the “Abs” or Rectus Abdominis, but while this is the main muscle group most talked about and visually sought after, it is not the end all be all of a great looking and strong core. Your core wraps around your entire torso and ensures great athletic performance, great lower back health and an overall fit and strong body. Because it is far more than just your “Abs” it becomes necessary to do workouts that challenge it from many angles, and this is where Boxing comes in.

If you learn Boxing from a qualified Boxing Trainer like the ones we have here at Keppner Boxing in Athens GA, you’ll learn the real techniques of the sweet science that will give a far better workout and far greater results than you could achieve elsewhere. But, even if you train with a high quality Boxing trainer or coach, there is one thing you can throw in the mix that can double your results…

In our Fitness Boxing Classes in Athens GA we use a special tactic to help our clients get more core engagement. As some trainers and Coaches know, if you want to get the most bang for your buck, with any given exercise, you have to learn how to engage the muscles you’re intending to work. Many untrained people have trouble doing this because they have never gained enough body awareness to truly do that. (I know that was the case with myself growing up). So, what we do to help our clients fire their core off during Boxing class and help them get the maximum amount of stimulation is combine various core exercises with rounds of Bag work. While this may sound simple at first, it has to be felt to be understood. It can turn a simple round of Heavy Bag work into a core burner that it makes the rounds of core work mixed in between even more challenging than they would be on their own.

Often times in our Athens Boxing Classes we’ll do 12 Rounds of Core work and Bag work combined together! So many people enjoy this style of class that we cycle through this once or twice a week! If you like challenging yourself and enjoy a great workout that’s extremely effect than you would love this style of training as well! Signing up is easy! We look forward to seeing you in class!

-Coach Keith Keppner