Do you ever feel kind of stuck? Maybe sometimes you feel like you’re missing out on all the results and excitement that others are having. What is it that you could be missing? Many of our clients were where you are now. They wanted to push their limits and achieve more because they knew, somewhere deep inside, that they were capable of more. Sometimes you have to try something radically new and different if you want something radically different than what you got… this is where Boxing comes in.

Maybe you’ve thought about joining a Gym in Athens, GA, maybe you have joined a couple gyms and it wasn’t the right fit for you. Sure, the people were nice and you broke a sweat in their workouts or enjoyed their variety of equipment, but let’s face it, it wasn’t the right fit to create lasting change and results for you. It’s crossed your mind to try a Boxing Gym, but in the back of your mind, you have some pre-associations which are mostly based off of movies and maybe a little bit from low quality or negative culture Boxing Gyms that you’ve heard of.

Let’s face it, Boxing is a dangerous sport, and in the wrong environment, it can attract people for the wrong reasons. This is the exception, but it’s important to be aware of that possibility. It can be hard to find a Boxing Gym that has the right culture along with the right Coaching, but once you find one, you will enjoy all the benefits of this amazing workout and amazing sport.

Here are the Top 3 Reasons Why you should join a quality Boxing Gym in Athens, GA. When you’re looking for personal training in Athens, GA or Gyms in Athens, there are many options, but you can’t get all of these benefits from anything except the sweet science, known as Boxing!


Espn ranked Boxing the hardest sport in the world because of the conditioning required to be explosive over and over again for round after round. This is also what makes it an amazing workout and can help you get your conditioning to the next level. If you’re a runner in Athens, GA and need that extra boost to your training, Boxing can be the trick up your sleeve. If you’re an athlete at UGA and you need to either stay in conditioning during off season, or give yourself an unfair advantage over your competition, then a High Quality Boxing workout in Athens is for you. If you’re getting older and want to get back the energy and youthful strength you once had, then Boxing is your vehicle to not only maintain, but increase your conditioning and therefore your vitality in life!


We all seek variety and challenges in our lives. Nothing is better for the mind and for your overall sense of well being, as learning a new skill. Boxing is an amazing skill to learn because while you’re engaging your mind to memorize combinations and to react, you’re also training every muscle in your body. The amount of body awareness required to execute certain Boxing moves is pretty intense, but it is something the average person can learn and through our systems of teaching, learn fairly quickly. Running, Cycling, Crossfit, weightlifting, swimming etc are all great workouts and require some technique and skill, but none of them have the variety and excitement that a well designed Boxing workout has!


For ages, Boxing has been one of the ways that boys became men, and more recently it has become the same thing for women! 2012 was the first year women were aloud in The Olympics for Boxing and ever since, it has exploded in popularity as a workout and as a sport for both sexes. Boxing gives men and women a type of confidence you can’t get with anything else. Sure, if you lift weights and exercises you can make your body look better, but that’s only superficial. Boxing positively impacts you outwardly and inwardly. It teaches you how to trust yourself and believe in the power within your own hands. It teaches you that you aren’t made of glass and that you are resilient. Boxing reveals who you were born to be, a strong, confident and empowered individual.

If you want to achieve any or all of the 3 things listed then look no further than the art of Boxing. You don’t have to go to our gym, just make sure it’s a quality gym with Coaches and training partners that really care. Don’t delay any longer, don’t put off until tomorrow what should have been done last week. You can’t wait to get better before you start to work at it or wait to get in better shape before you start a Boxing program. You have to get yourself started and then the tools, conditioning and positive benefits will all come into your life! All you need to do is take that first step!!!