Believe it or not when I stopped Boxing I went from 165 lbs to 220 lbs! Yes, part of it was I wanted to bulk up, but I soon found out that having that much weight is no fun! It was a journey and process to come back down. Even though I intentionally gained weight I still got a first hand experience of all the pitfalls people face with permanent weight loss.

I found out that the hardest part wasn’t the exercise, because I already had great Boxing workouts I was doing that were burning literally thousands of calories a day! It was my relationship to food. I didn’t even know what a portion was! I thought that I could out train a bad diet and that just isn’t the case. In my journey of pulling my weight back down to my fight weight and keeping it close to that I’ve had to learn how to become mindful about what I eat and how much and realize that just because I feel like I should eat doesn’t mean I should and sometimes what I think is hunger is actually me being thirsty or just needing to hurry up and go to bed!