Some people feel the need to change things up, challenge their body and gain more confidence. When they get struck with this idea often times they will find many different ways to achieve this. Some will go for CrossFit, some will go for some type of weightlifting session or exercise program. A lot of people will type into the Google search box “boxing near me” and click “search”.

Boxing is a form of perhaps the oldest sport in the world which is a hand to hand combat. Boxing is actually the first ever recorded professional sport, meaning the first time in history where participants were paid to play or competed for a Payday. After boxing started bringing in million-dollar gates then other sports began to grow in popularity in the early part of the 20th century.

When you think of a boxing gym you think of a dirty, dark and dangerous place full of testosterone, sketchy characters and people beating each other down. This has been a problem throughout the history of combat sports and Boxing Gyms in general. It has been one of our missions at Keppner Boxing to reverse this trend and dramatically change this negative culture. At Keppner Boxing we don’t have one dominant athlete that beats down on others and holds them back. We are a team that strive to help each other and ensure we all succeed together.

When this locally owned boxing gym was founded back in 2013 and Athens Georgia we were much more focused on being a fight gym. Both Lissa and Keith keppner, the two founders we’re very passionate about the combat side of boxing and had not yet grown to appreciate the personal development aspect that the practice of boxing and fitness can provide. Very soon after starting the gym they set out to make Keppner Boxing Athens’ most positive, welcoming and high-quality boxing facility.

Often times it’s hard for people to come in and just see what the boxing gym near them is all about. They have preconceived notions that honestly are rooted in the truths of the past and they don’t yet fully understand or realize often times, until they meet one of our team members or clients or walk into the facility to try a free session, what we do at the best boxing gym in the Athens area.

As not only a business, but as a culture and community Keppner Boxing is truly about one thing. That one thing is personal growth and boxing just happens to be the vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you simply want to get in the best shape of your life and never get punched in the face, or you have a young child that you feel needs more discipline and structure, you are battling the onset of Parkinson’s or maybe you want to challenge yourself and bring back that competitive Spirit you once had in high school or college and give boxing competition a try. Most people and Athens have found that Keppner Boxing is the best fit for them and it’about time you gave it a try as well!