The are so many fitness clubs around these days with Orange Theory, Pilates, Big Box Gyms like Crunch and Athens Fitness, Crossfit Gyms: Crossfit Liberate, Crossfit South, Crossfit Oconee and then there are a good number of Martial Arts Schools: AKF, SBG, X3, ATA, ABB… But the best way to regain your health, get in the best shape of your life and create permanent weight loss is Boxing and Keppner Boxing in Athens, GA is the best place to do it.

Unlike many other types of fitness classes and workout gyms in Athens we keep it fresh and you are learning a real skill in a safe and supportive environment where you don’t have to roll on the floor with some sweaty guy or lift hundreds of pounds over your head.

Boxing was ranked the hardest sport in the world by ESPN and at Keppner Boxing in Athens, GA we give you the absolute best environment to weave through and dodge all the pitfalls and knockout blows you can encounter on your fitness journey. If you haven’t already you’ve got to try a Boxing class, even if you’ve done one before somewhere else… You have never done a session like we provide.