Everyone wants a quick fix and this might be the closest to it when it comes to increasing your Boxing Skill and ability in Athens, GA. You can know all the moves, the Correct Boxing Stance (can your coach tell you the 4 key pieces of a good Boxing Stance?), correct footwork, how to throw clean jabs and straights, sharp hooks and how to have razor sharp defense all while getting in the best shape of your life!… But you will be falling short if you don’t know this one thing.

It took me years to really learn how to do this, but with the special systems of coaching we provide at Athens’ Best Boxing Gym we help you achieve this in record time. Once I give you the tip, it’s up to you to practice it.

YOU’VE GOT TO GET LOSE! This is the one thing that makes a good Boxer. Name me a great Boxer…. Were they lose? YES! Even Mike Tyson was looser than you think.

When you’re in your Boxing Stance are your hands clenched or relaxed? If they are tight you’re doing it wrong! One way to imagine it is to pretend as if you’re holding eggs in your hand (Yes, I’ve done this lol) and you’ll achieve the looseness required to be great! Just remember at the end of your punch you need to squeeze because if you don’t you will hurt your hand and not make a hard punch!

If you’re looking for more tips on improving your boxing skill in the Athens, GA area – reach out to us today!