Glad you could make it back! Now let’s talk about the 3rd and most important factor when deciding the best Martial Arts Schools, MMA Gym or Boxing Gym…


We are going to break down safety into two categories, think of it as a jab, cross: Safety of the training and workouts and safety of the Facility. You’ll understand why these are important as you read further!

Safety Of Training

There is an optimal way to train a Martial Art that is going to limit the amount of injuries that can occur. There is always an inherent danger with anything you do (even sitting or standing up), but there are reasonable level you should accept.

The safety of training is determined by two factors 1. The Sessions Designs/Coaching 2. The Culture of your Training Partners.

You can have a great curriculum, but have a bunch of training partners that are ot to hurt you and you’ll still get hurt or you could have a bad session and training design like sparring 3 times a week that will result in you probably getting hurt! Of course if you join a non-contact program like a Focus Mitts, Beginner Boxing, CoreBOX or FitBox like the ones we have at Keppner Boxing in Athens GA then you can rest assured you will learn real Boxing Footwork, Jabs, Hooks, Stance, Slips, Bobs & Weaves without ever having the danger of getting hit!

Safety of The Facility

How safe is your Gym? Is it clean? Unfortunately whenever you have people sweating everywhere there is an inherent danger of bacterial growth. Here is a quick list of types of activities that can lead to more infections and bacterial growth at your Martial Arts School:

  • Grappling and rolling on the floor
  • No shoes
  • Elbowing, Kneeing and Kicking bags as well as Punching Bags without Gloves
  • How often is everything is cleaned
  • How clean Does it look or smell

Fortunately there is one Gym in Athens that meets all these requirements and everyone agrees. We don’t roll on the floor which can lead to staph and ringworm, we don’t hit bags with knees, shins or elbows and cleanliness is so important to us that we hire the best cleaning company in town! In 6 plus years of business and serving over 3,336 people we have never had one instance of any of the classic infections that can occur with other forms of Martial Arts. Just something to think about if you value your health like we do!

Contact us at Keppner Boxing in Athens if you are looking for a new fitness program or want to change things up!