Perhaps the best way to stay excited with exercise and maintain an amazing level of fitness is to do some form of Martial Arts training. Of course there are a few things to consider…

  1. Which style you are interested in
  2. Which is beginner friendly
  3. Safety

In this post we’re going to address each of these and help you block, slip and weave yourself around less than ideal options and find your best fit!

Which Style are you interested in?

There are so many styles of martial arts (jiu-jitsu, taekwondo, kickboxing, muay thai, judo, boxing, wrestling) it’s a long list!!!! We recommend that you try out a bunch of them to see what better suits you. You don’t know until you try! All of them will help you lose weight and feel more confident!

Which is Beginner Friendly?

Unfortunately, the culture of a lot of MMA Gyms, Martial arts schools and clubs can be pretty bad. There are a lot of egos and bravado. Learning an art should be about the journey, but a lot of people use their Belt level to help them feel like they are a better person than you. This is what’s cool about properly done Boxing Training is that there are no Belt levels, sure there are title belts and Golden Glove Championships which we at Keppner Boxing in Athens, GA have many, but you don’t walk around with that wrapped around your waste. Find a Martial Arts School, Combat Gym or Boxing gym that will not try to crush you to prove a point or is built around some ego stroking hierarchy!

Next week we’ll talk about the 3rd and most important factor when choosing a Martial Arts School!!!! See you there!

For those looking for a boxing gym in Athens, GA – we’d love to welcome you to our Keppner family! Contact us today!