Athens Georgia has had its share of boxing champions throughout the years. As a town it has seen many gyms come and go but one gym has proven the test of time. Ever since Keppner Boxing in Athens started in 2013 we have produced a Golden glove champion every single year. And what makes us even more noteworthy is that each one of these champions were created from our high-quality programs and were not people that came to us with prior boxing experience.

We truly love beginners at Keppner Boxing in Athens. We feel like to become the best boxer you can be whether it’s for fitness and personal growth or to compete and become a champion, it’s best to start off at the ground level with the right coaching. The people that come to us that developed the fastest are people who come to us with zero boxing experience.

A lot of people are mistaken about Athens best boxing gym and think since we are the best that they have to have boxing knowledge before they come through the door. This simply is not the case. The analogy we use sometimes to describe the benefits of starting off any type of boxing training with the best is the analogy of a house. Wouldn’t you much rather buy a house that was brand new versus a house that was old and decrepit with a bunch of junk in it that you have to clean out, repaint and reconstruct? Exactly!

Therefore, if you want to get the most benefits from your boxing training, workouts or personal development then it’s in your best interest that you start with the best. Don’t settle for second best or third-best because you deserve better! The sooner you start training the sooner you will accomplish your goals of building confidence, weight loss, learning real boxing technique and unleashing your full potential!

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