I put a lot of thought into whether or not to write something that would directly mention another business that some may view as a competitor. After thinking it through, I think it’s right for me to just say a few words about something we’ve been seeing happen for awhile now.

9Round is a great business and they are amazing at getting people to go from zero experience to Boxing training in a very accessible way. The 9round circuits are easy to follow and provide a good workout. You get it in 30 mins and your done. Also, they don’t have classes or scheduled sessions, so you can just come in whenever and start your workout. I am definitely not anti 9Round. I absolutely believe they have a place in the fitness landscape and they have certainly demonstrated that!

Something that we tend to see in our gym are the 9Round gloves. When someone has a pair, then it’s obvious where they came from and where they were previously a member. On occasion, people make a point to say why they decided to switch and I believe it would be helpful to hear a couple of their reasons.

The most recent client who switched to us just a short time ago said they had been there a year and had enjoyed it, but they felt like they didn’t really learn any Boxing at all. They don’t want to be a fighter, they don’t want to get hit, but they do want to learn the real technique and be able to throw punches and combinations like a fighter and be in shape like one too. Can you relate?

Within a short time, they are already beginning to enjoy the benefits of our training and their technique and confidence with Boxing has definitely improved since they made the switch.

Another client who recently switched over said that the effectiveness of only doing a 30 min workout had lost it’s bang. They had to go through the circuit twice to feel like they got a good workout and had been told that this was actually against company policy. This can of course be an drawback to companies when they get big because they have to make policies to ensure certain things are preserved and there can be unintended blow back from that.

These are just a couple people’s reasons for making the switch, and in the interest of brevity I won’t go into any others we have been told. Again, if you workout at 9Round and love it, I support you… why? Because you’ve found something you like that works for you and you’re staying active, and that’s awesome… you seriously have my support. I’m not going to hate on you one bit or try to act like you aren’t doing something great for yourself! I wrote this just to highlight what some people experience and why we see a fair amount of people sign up at 9round and then make the switch to us so they can continue to progress. Some people even make the switch quickly so they can get a solid foundation in the beginning of training instead of waiting until further down the road.

Keppner Boxing can seem intimidating at first, but trust me, once you try a class that intimidation is gone and then, the sky’s the limit so you can unleash your potential!