Coach Keith Keppner | November 26th, 2018

If you were to be honest with yourself, how much would you say fear dictates your life? Well, maybe you don’t call it fear, maybe you call it stress or anxiety. Or maybe you worry about what might happen or what people might think. Fear is an important emotion for survival, but it’s also a double edge sword. Your fear and hesitation may be holding you back!

I talk to so many people that say they’ve been thinking about coming into Keppner Boxing in Athens GA for awhile, but they just haven’t done it yet. Some people tell me they’ve hesitated or thought about it for as long as two years! Let’s face it, we all have a knee jerk response to the idea of a “Boxing Gym”. It sums up images in our mind of people beating each other up, blood everywhere, and desperate, dangerous personalities. Even if the Boxing Gym is near you in Athens, you probably still hesitate to just walk through the doors or try a class. Now is the time to change that!

I could fill up your time telling you all about our culture and what we are really about. How it doesn’t matter how elite a Boxer you are, if you aren’t a good fit, we won’t take you on. Or how we actually prefer to have people come to the gym with no Boxing experience because It’s like a painter getting a blank canvas versus one with half a painting on it. It’s ten times harder to try and touch up or repair a painting someone has already started. If you’re green (new) you grow, but if you’re ripe (experienced) sometimes all you do is just get stale or worse, rot. But you probably already know or have heard what we are about. Let’s get down to the thing that is really holding you back…

It’s important to know that fear’s biggest ally is time. So the longer you wait to do something, your fear grows more and more. Most of us are magnificent at the art of imagining how painful and hard something will be and not thinking about what it is we will gain and the reality of what something is or means. If you add time between your initial thought and taking action, the thoughts telling you not to do it will grow out of proportion to the thoughts and desires you originally had that made you think about the gym in the first place!

The first step to mastering your fear is just to take some simple steps. Micro commitments can often be the key. For instance, talk to a friend and set a date where you will both come check us out. Or, if you give us a call, also fill out a form, shoot us a text or an email, that could be that little friendly push you need to take you to the next step of just coming in and experiencing the fun and excitement that initially made you think about trying boxing.

The Final Bell

Remember everything you ever wanted lies on the other side of fears. Fear to try something new, fear to make the call, fear of making the commitment. Turn your fear into excitement and decide now you will not let fear, stress and worry beat you, but you will become it’s master by getting physical and the most physical and exhilarating path you can take to do that is Boxing! But if you never start, you will never find out!