Unleashing Your Potential With a Boxing Gym Near ME!

Epictetus wrote “If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid”. We are all concerned with what other people think of us. This can be a good thing, but it can also hold us back. When we start a new workout routine, join a gym or make a life change, others will often make a judgment on us. Most people are great at offering criticism, or wise cracks that aren’t so wise, but lack the presence of mind to be supportive and motivating.

What’s sad, is that in some Martial arts Facilities, Boxing Gyms and Fitness Facilities they still don’t know how to REALLY treat their clients. They make fun of the person who is just learning a new skill or the person who is not in good shape yet. Some Coaches try to tear clients and students down with the thought that they are going to build them up afterwards, but more often than not they forget that last part and just leave their students or clients broken.

At our boxing facility in Athens our brand is all about growth! We encourage growth for people who wish to improve their health, people who want to transform their bodies and lose pounds, kids who want more discipline and need a positive outlet or for students who want to master the art of Boxing and see what it’s like to step in the ring when they’re ready.

If you support growth and progress and enjoy being a part of a positive and supportive environment, then many people would agree, Keppner Boxing is the best place for you to be. If this doesn’t sound like you, no worries! We recommend you find somewhere else that aligns with you a little better and can better meet your needs. No matter what, we support everyone in their Fitness and personal growth journey!

Want to give Keppner Boxing in Athens a try for your fitness needs? Contact us today!