Coach Keith Keppner | May 28th, 2019

We are so excited to announce our newest and most exciting class yet… Core Box! It’s 30 minutes of intense Heavy Bag work and Core work. It’s a wonderful and quick way to get in a workout and also makes a great cross training option for runners and cyclists. The main focus of this Boxing Class in Athens is conditioning and toning your upper body muscles like your arms, shoulders, and back and doing the same for your midsection by targeting your abdominals, transverse abdominals and obliques.

Every Core Box starts off with a warm-up of jump rope or shadow boxing while your Boxing Coach runs you through the “Fight Plan”. We do this to ensure you understand what’s going to be going on in every round, and so that way we can have the session go non-stop for 30 minutes!

Core Box is the fastest growing Boxing workout in Athens yet and everyone is loving it!!!!

If you are ever free Tuesday or Thursday at 5:15pm and have 30 minutes to spare YOU MUST TRY IT! Afterwards, you will feel fulfilled, accomplished and will experience those feel good endorphins you get from the best type of Boxing training in Athens GA!