Coach Keith Keppner | May 6th, 2019

There are a lot of fun and challenging fitness routines, but in our opinion boxing is the king! It is a time tested workout that was the original cross training. If you want to know where people got the idea to hit tires with sledgehammers, jump rope or many other forms of training, boxing is the root of most of them.

Unfortunately boxing in the past has a bad wrap of just getting beat on. IT’S NOT! Sure, back in the old days it was just dark and dirty gyms that were honestly pretty violent places, but now with gyms like Keppner Boxing in Athens, GA it’s way different! There are so many programs where you never even have to worry about getting hit and even if you do a “Contact Program” we do that in the safest and most supportive way possible. Through this safe support system we are still producing Golden Glove Champions year after year, but does not do so by tearing others down!

We are all about one thing: UNLEASHING YOUR POTENTIAL.

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