Coach Keith Keppner | April 29th, 2019

If you are in this position of wanting and needing to lower your weight then you need to understand just some simple and basic concepts and strategies that I have listed below. Here we go!

  1. Get general blood work! Just going to fitness and weight loss gurus for answers isn’t always the best place to start. If you have an underlying health condition they won’t be able to help you determine that, and if anything they are incentivised to sell you their fitness program, diet program or some other product. I have experienced this myself and with others that have been trying to change their waistline and in the small chance that something is off with your thyroid, hormones, or some other underlying condition you have to take care of that first! Nothing you throw in your weight loss bucket will stay if there is a hole in the bottom and that hole is an underlying condition that explains everything!
  2. Track! Once you’ve ensured nothing is off with your blood work then the next step is to look at what you’re eating and how much. Often I’ll see people who aren’t losing any weight and exercising all the time. Once they track their calories for a few days they realize they are eating under 1,000 calories! This mean their metabolism has slowed and is holding onto any fat it can and slowing down all other functions of the body. So contrary to popular belief it’s not always eating too much, sometimes it’s too little. Track your calories and don’t run huge deficits or huge surpluses!
  3. Fitness! Alright, fitness is the last on my list because even though it’s essential for permanent weight loss if you don’t get your fundamental blood work checked and eat reasonably you can run yourself into the ground with exercising more and more because you’re not seeing results. For a great metabolism, lean muscle, strength, vitality, and overall mental and physical health you must make a habit of exercising. Ideally you want something that will help with balance, coordination, strength and aerobic endurance. This is where we believe boxing training is the best answer for all of these. It can be modified to fit a child, young adult, middle aged person or even a person who is 60 years plus and has something like Parkinson’s! Non-contact boxing training that focuses on the fitness and conditioning aspect can be a fit for anyone as well!

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