New Year Resolutions

We see it each and every time the ball drops, the champagne toasts come to an end and a new year begins….those New Year Resolutions.

Now, don’t get us wrong! We are all about a fresh start and what better time than the new year to set some goals and kick off a solid health and fitness plan.

If you just recently were gifted an Athens gym membership over the holidays OR you are doing a search for the right gym in Athens to get your year off to the right start – we’re here to help!

Head Coach, Maura Cartwright of Keppner Boxing & Fitness in Athens has seen a lot of new members in her tenure. Given it is resolution season, we thought we would have her weigh in on ‘what NOT to do at the gym in the New Year’ to help prevent any new gym goers from walking into a bad experience.

Woman at Gym

What NOT to do at the Gym in 2022:

  • Don’t take EVERY session offered that day, every day of the week. This is for someone training for an Ironman competition and even then you need your rest days. The key is to start small (1-2 sessions a week) and build from there.
  • Don’t starve yourself. It’s true a proper diet is a big part of weight loss but it does not benefit you to pass out during a workout because you didn’t eat. Your body needs calories and quality nutrition to carry it through the workout. Eat before and after a workout.
  • Don’t overeat after a workout. Yes, you need to eat after a tough workout, but it’s important to eat wisely. Go for veggies, a protein, whole grains etc. over loaded nachos and a beer.
  • Not hydrating properly is common. Drink water both before and after a workout. Similar to diet, drink water and avoid the extremes of zero hydration and refueling with soda or alcohol…which is the same thing as zero hydration really.
  • Don’t beat yourself up about missing a session. Stay consistent, but don’t get dejected if you miss a day here or there. Life is always throwing you curveballs and inevitably you will miss a workout or two. That’s ok, don’t take it as a sign to quit. Do what you can when you can and keep at it until your workout becomes a good habit.
  • Don’t do something you hate. If you hate running, don’t run. Find something enjoyable and stick with that. There’s no use in forcing yourself to do something you don’t look forward to. If your workout is fun, chances are you’ll stick with it.

Whether you decide to give us a try at Keppner Boxing in Athens or you plan to join another gym, we’d encourage you to take the right approach to ensure your experience is a pleasant one and you get started on the path to a successful fitness journey in 2022!