You might be missing out on the most fun & exciting thing you can do for your health and fitness…… read on and find out if you are!

1) The Best Stress Reliever

No other exercise helps you to get rid of unwanted frustration or anger, that you may have accumulated during a stressful day at work, more than boxing. Punching a bag or pad for 45 minutes to an hour insures that tension is released from your body. Boxing teaches you to always stay relaxed – the most important trait of a boxer. All the negative energy you may have built up during the day, can be expressed in a positive way with a great boxing workout. It helps you overcome any fears, build deep confidence through learning punch techniques, have better accuracy, and a great defense. After a boxing workout you feel a high that cannot be experienced with any other type of workout. You feel phenomenal.

2) It’s Never Boring

At a high-quality boxing facility, a workout never gets mundane. You are constantly learning and improving your punches, movement, and defensive techniques. In the right cardio classes, there is a never-ending process of improvement and learning that challenges your body and mind. Mitt work and bag routines force your brain to achieve greater neuroplasticity by challenging your ability to recall a combination sequence and think on the fly. The amount of neural and physical activity that occurs during a high-quality boxing workout is second to none. One more thing that’s so great is that sometimes you forget how much you’re physically exerting yourself in a workout because the mind is focused on recalling a combination and getting it right, and not focused on the burn of the workout.

3) Boxing Burns More Calories in Less Time

You will burn hundreds upon hundreds of calories, sometimes 900 to 1,000 calories depending on how hard you exert yourself. Interval-style exercises with 30 seconds to 1 minute of recovery allows your body to work harder than it would in a steady-state cardio-style training session and it creates better all-around conditioning than a pure strength training workout. An amazing benefit of boxing is the number of calories you burn after you leave the gym, an exercise phenomenon known is EPOC – excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. It leaves you burning calories hours after you’re done with your boxing workout; you don’t get this benefit from pounding the pavement or running on a treadmill.

4) Boxing Is Better Than Running

While running is a great exercise and a great form of cardio, it can wreak havoc on your feet, ankles, knees, and hips, with oftentimes little that you can do about it to make it better. For some people, it may be pretty hard to maintain a consistent running schedule during winter or bad weather. Plus, running for close to an hour just be plain boring. In a boxing workout, you experience a limited amount of stress on the joints, especially on the legs. Though boxing still works the legs extremely effectively, you don’t get any shin splints, knee, or hip problems. Similarly, a coach will show you strategies for protecting your knuckles correctly. Rather than just merely having your hand in a glove and wrapping the hand, there are many techniques that can keep your hands safe and still allow you to beat a bag as hard as you can! Boxing provides constant excitement and challenges that make you grow physically and mentally!


If you have not tried a real quality boxing workout in Athens you need to do so as soon as possible to experience these awesome benefits that can only be found in this type of training. Don’t merely challenge your body in physical exercise, challenge your mind! Constant challenge and learning is how you make your mind sharp and keep it sharper than your opponent’s, no matter what your life’s opponent is. With a high-quality boxing class like the ones only offered at Keppner Boxing Training Center you will be able to truly Unleash Your Potential! Learn more about all the amazing classes we offer!