Do you want to develop a lean, fit body? Do you want to burn more calories in the time you have to go to the gym or a class? Or do you just want to relieve stress, have some fun and gain more energy in a positive and encouraging environment? A high quality Cardio Boxing workout may be the right choice for you!

Fitness Boxing Workout Athens, GA


Boxing is a time tested workout that isn’t just for the guys. Boxing for fitness has tremendous benefits for a huge variety of people and especially for women. For most women, running is a common go to for exercise and cardio. While running is a great form of exercise, when done in excess it can be hard on the body. Constant pounding of the pavement, as many know, can be very hard on the feet, knees and hips. Running is also a very poorly rounded workout. While you are working mostly the lower body, it can take the focus off other very important areas. This is where starting a fitness Boxing routine could be the best way to get you in great shape or to start you on your journey to a better body and better health!

Boxing can seem like an intimidating workout, but it’s important to remember that everyone has to start from somewhere and you shouldn’t feel self-conscious if you haven’t done anything like it before. Like most people know now, you can train aspects of boxing without the physical contact required in the sport. You can have all of the health and exercise benefits of a boxing workout and even learn many of the techniques used by a professional boxer without ever getting hit, or hitting another person. Unfortunately, at cookie cutter boxing gyms, where there is only fitness boxing, you generally receive very limited, and sometimes very poor instruction by someone who doesn’t have extensive experience in the sport. The lack of experience with proper technique can lead to injury and a less effective workout. It is best to receive instruction from people who have a high level of knowledge of the sport and the technique involved. Most qualified coaches enjoy working with someone who is brand new because if you have never done boxing before, you have no bad habits to unlearn and relearn!


What makes a boxing workout so effective is the general layout of the sport and the motions involved. Unlike what some people may think, boxing is not just an arm and shoulder workout. When done correctly, boxing involves the whole body. Every punch you throw requires either a twist of the body, which works the core muscles in a dynamic fashion, or a step which involves the legs to explode forward. Defensive maneuvers known as “bobbing and weaving” also sculpt the legs and work the core. The basic format of boxing is periods of intense work known as rounds followed by periods of rest in between rounds. This style of training, known as interval training, has been shown to have great benefits including: 1) Burning more calories in less time compared to steady state cardio and burning calories even after the workout is over! 2) Interval training allows you to preserve muscle while losing fat, which is in stark contrast to other forms of training for fat loss that compromise muscle and even bone density in order to oxidize fat. Boxing increases strength, speed, balance, coordination, endurance and body awareness. Along with a quality boxing workout are mixed in a variety of calisthenics and various exercises that complement this training.


The benefits don’t stop with the physical end; boxing also helps you build confidence in yourself and your body by making you stronger from the inside out. With any good Boxing Facility you will find a family like atmosphere of members and coaches that will help encourage and support you in your health and fitness journey! So what are you waiting for? Get up and START unleashing your potential!