If you’re looking for ways to keep yourself motivated this new year and working out from home isn’t quite cutting it, you might be looking at gyms in Athens. If you are on the fence about gyms and whether to sign up, there are a few things to consider.

You should commit to a gym membership that offers exactly what you want. Sounds simple enough, right? To determine which gym to join, you need to look at its facilities and services offered. These factors can help determine whether or not your local fitness facility is right for you.

Below we’ve taken the time to outline 5 factors you should consider before choosing a gym in Athens:

Women Running Outdoors

1) Do you truly need to join a gym?

Hey, we’d love to say that you should join Keppner Boxing in Athens as your gym of choice in 2022. However, if getting outdoors is what motivates you or you have access to a fitness facility or fitness classes in your own apartment, then joining a gym might not be right for you! If you still think it’s time to find a gym, then it’s time to list what you want to get out of it.

2) Make your list of gym musts

Are you seriously into strength training? Then make sure the facility has a spacious and well-maintained free weight area. Are you more into cardio? Look at what cardio equipment and/or fitness classes are offered. Maybe you need child care or access to showers so you can get ready for work after you hit the gym. Think of all your needs and make sure that matches with the gyms you consider.

3) Do your research

A lot of gyms will have some very smooth marketing and even terrific websites, but to get a real sense of the gym “culture” and every day activity, you should look at their social media. View posts from members on Facebook or Instagram to get a true peek inside. Also, look at reviews for Athens gyms on Google or Yelp to see what members do and don’t like.

4) location, location, location

The location of the gym has to be able to meet your lifestyle. Are you planning to get a workout in before you start work or during your lunch break? Pick a location that allows you to be close enough to the office for you to get that workout in. Also, a simple “gyms near me” search can breakdown all the gyms close to you to help you determine proximity and routes.

Free Boxing Class

5) Sign up for a trial

There are many, many package deals on fitness out there, which help you test the waters. At Keppner Boxing, we have numerous fitness classes and even offer free fitness boxing or contact boxing classes as an introduction for those who want to give us a try. We suggest you take advantage of the trial offers at the gym you’re interested in to get a true sense of the facility and its culture.

So before you sign the bottom line on that year or more contract, take a look around, do your research, and even ask about any trial memberships that are available.

There are many free trials like ours, which is the perfect chance to see if a gym meets your specific needs.

If a gym doesn’t seem right for you, there is a good chance there is another out there for you. If you look enough, you are bound to find an Athens gym that matches your fitness needs!