No matter the motivation or desire you have to work out, there always seems to be a list of excuses on why you can’t. But there’s no reason why you can’t participate with others. Here, we discuss five benefits of how fitness classes can hold you accountable to a workout plan while helping you stay on course.


The best way to get the results you want is to have people around cheering you on. Being in a group provides greater accountability which can lead to higher attendance. It can be so easy to skip the gym when you work out on your own since no one will be expecting you.

Keeping a schedule by signing up for a class beforehand will also keep you accountable. If a class is built into your schedule, there is less of a chance you will skip it.

meeting new friends

Being part of a group means the chance to meet people you might never have considered hanging out with. The friends you will meet at Keppner Boxing will share the same goals and ambitions as you. Moreover, you’ll get the chance to work out and socialize at the same time, making the experience even more fun.

boxing training


With some new friends, there will also be new competition. If you are even a little competitive, working out as a group will push you more. You’ll also find that different people will have varying abilities, which can also be motivating.

Working out with other people who are more or less experienced than you can help you improve your form, and can also help you feel more comfortable with the class. No matter what your fitness level, make it your goal to be the best!


If you and your friends have different interests, we offer boxing classes for everyone. In our Bootcamp class, we set focus on strength and conditioning. Focus Mitts is all about improving your speed and technique. Skillbox also improves technique but focuses on building a foundation and defensive concepts. Another class, Corebox, is a half-hour of non-stop high-intensity bag workout.

View a full list of fitness classes on our Athens location page.


Exercise does not always have to be “no pain no gain.” If you have someone to laugh with during workouts, it will take away the dread and replace it with positivity. Moreover, the energy and team spirit you can get from exercising in a group can provide a refreshing change from working out on your own.

If you feel that your routine is becoming tedious, group classes can help you add variety to your workout. Coming here to Keppner Boxing in Athens is meant to be enjoyable and an outlet to reduce stress, so you are more likely to stick to it if the class is enjoyable.

Do we have you ready to sign up for an Athens fitness class yet? Before making an online search for “fitness classes near me”, take a look at some options we offer here at Keppner Boxing and choose which one suits you best!